Friday, October 25, 2013

Holiday at Telunas Beach, Indonesia: Part 3


 Fishing from the dock with our dedicated hostess, Ian.  

Ian was so good to us. The girls just attached themselves to her (and later, Amsal) every second they could.  Each girl caught a fish and my son caught a crab. There was some naming of one of the fishes, some begging to take it home as a pet, family photos, and a teary goodbye when we released them all back to their natural home. 

(That wrenching "goodbye" brought up painful memories of another "can-we-take-it-home-and-keep-it-as-a-pet" critter. That time it was a tarantula we came upon during a sunset hike in Utah. Same girl-child was so sad at both of those goodbyes. What a sweetheart.)

soldier crab 
{photo by my son}
Theses were fascinating. In the mornings swarms of them covered the beach near the water. As soon as anyone got too close, though, they would dig holes and hide.

lunch one day

at a waterfall excursion on another island

my son jumping from the high dock
{a 6-meter/20-foot drop--that's 2 stories}

8-year-old daughter jumping from the high dock

{Her jump turned out to be a scary one. Jumping 2 stories, we learned, requires a certain body position for optimal entry and minimal pain. She landed somewhat bent over, with her chest hitting the water. She came up and swam over to the bottom of the ladder and then her eyes rolled back and she passed out in the water. She had hit so hard she had the wind knocked out of her. Luckily there were many adults nearby--I wasn't right there when it happened--so the one nearest the ladder climbed down and rescued her and brought her safely up to us. The very next day workers were out there building an additional platform lower down to the water level to allow for easier recovery in the event of another such water incident. Pretty scary.}

this is me

{Since both my older children had already jumped the high dock, I had to do it at least once. So the next day I took on the challenge. After several false starts, cause, yikes, that's a long way down . . . I ran and jumped. Remembering the advice about body position, and the fear of my daughter's experience the day before, I focused very hard on getting it right. Gets my heart racing just remembering it.} 

When the girls discovered that Telunas Beach hostess Amsal knew how to play some of their favorite pop songs on the guitar it was time for an impromptu concert with song and interpretive dance.

from the boat--waving goodbye

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Abigail said...

Those photos of ya'll jumping off the high dock are really neat. You're super brave to do that. I hate regular height diving boards, can't imagine jumping from a dock that high!!

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